What is Eat Play Learn?

  • Lessons that use healthy food to reinforce academic standards!
  • Fun activities for children ages 4-9 to do at home!
  • A creative way to use food as both, a learning tool, and a reward!
       Objectives + Food = Fun + Learning
  • The lessons are all simple, there is little to no cooking, and they use common foods found in many kitchens
  • A series of educational books that covers four curriculum areas; Reading & Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies
Eat Play Learn Books

Grady Turner is a dedicated Kindergarten teacher, known for his innovative classroom practices. His signature program is a proven vehicle for motivating young learners and teaching them healthy eating habits, while helping them make connections across the curriculum.

— Stuart J. Murphy: Visual learning specialist and author of the award-winning MathStart series, the I See I Learn Pre-K series, and numerous educational programs.

You can see a sample lesson here.